(That Thing I Do)

Crocs Charity Contribution to the Children

Hands up, those of you who love children!

Yeah, I know many of you have your hands way up in the air, flailing them around while squeaking in a high-pitched voice. And perhaps, some of you are less enthusiastic about children. I would consider myself to be in the latter category. But I decided to give it a chance.

Last Friday and Sunday, a group of us visited a couple of homes for children – the Compassion Home in USJ 1, Subang Jaya; and Rumah KIDS in Klang. The reason we were there? We dropped by to hang around lots of children – something we tend to hardly in our modern, fast-paced of lives. Fine, I’ll admit it. We had another agenda. We were there to measure the children’s feet. Strange? It would be, if we weren’t doing it to prepare a gift for the children. The following Monday, we presented every child at these homes with a brand new pair of Crocs footwear, courtesy of Crocs (of course!).

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