(That Thing I Do)

Feeling Like A Man

I like the way she runs her fingers through my hair, and brushes against my ear. I don’t know her name. I never bothered to ask. I’d come by every month or two, when the itch accumulates to the point that I can no longer handle it. It wouldn’t always be her. Sometimes it would be her friend. I don’t know her name either.

As I open my eyes, she initiates small talk. I guess in this business, that’s as personal as it really gets. The rest is just… business. Her hands, firm from experience, slide down my neck. I close my eyes as I allow her to do what she does best. As she massages my neck and shoulders, I remember exactly why I enjoy my visits here.

After she’s done with the “appetizer”, she motions me to the wash area. Something about a girl with a shower head in her hand that gives me a sense of security. She towels me off.

After a good forty-five minutes of “magic”, I feel like a new man. She’d finish up, and I’d pay for services rendered. Sometimes I feel like it’s money spent wastefully. But then I’d think about it, and submit to the fact that I have needs. Everyone has needs. And I like my needs taken care by a professional.

And you know what? I feel good about myself after I leave; for at least a week, maybe two. Nothing makes me feel more confident about myself. It makes me feel like a man.

Yes, always a great experience getting my hair cut.

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