(That Thing I Do)


I have recently come down with an ailment. In its early phase, common symptoms are itching, lack of mental focus and obsession. In its later phase, symptoms can be more serious, including insomnia, severe obsession, severe itching, and inability to complete day-to-day functions normally. The symptoms can get quite debilitating as it progresses.

Patients who get cured usually end up with a better life than before they were sick. Sometimes patients heal automatically over time. Sometimes they don’t. Either way, it is usually possible to live normally without being cured.

I am in the early stages of its progression, which is fortunate, as I have more time before it starts to become difficult to live with. However, my case is more severe, therefore it is unlikely that I heal without paying for the cure, which will cost RM5999 due to the severity of my case.

Hi, my name is Marcus, and I have Mac Fever