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Five Ways To Use Mind Powers To Lose Weight

Once upon a time, I looked a little different from how I look now.

Supersize me

108 kilos. 238 pounds. 40 inch waist. Not the prettiest sight.

I had much difficulty looking for clothes, climbing stairs, not breaking plastic chairs, and feeling good about myself.

Nowadays I’m a little bit lighter.

I believe I can fly!

However I’m not at my lightest. Recently, the bathroom scale is tipping more and more towards a larger number with every passing week. Something must obviously be done. I need to regain my lightest form of 76 kilos and a size 32 waist, and then some.

When it comes to weight loss and fitness, I believe the battle is not a physiological one, but rather, a psychological one.

I will achieve my fitness goals by reminding myself and practicing the list below, as I once did:

1. I will understand that most restaurants and food establishments are irresponsible. They will serve food without discriminating the nutritional content. Some will even blatantly serve overly greasy food. Everybody eats it, why shouldn’t I? Because I don’t wanna be fat like everybody. That’s why.

2. I will accept that the human body requires physical exertion in order to maintain fitness. Evolution has dictated that this condition is part of our biology. I will therefore exercise as regularly and intensely as I can, and not fall victim to excessive “lifestyle”.

3.  I will embrace the fact that modern living means I will not be running around hunting for food, and there will always be an abundance of calories entering my body. I will choose to balance that out with an equally intense workout. The harder I eat, the harder I work out. If I grab that donut, I will run that extra ten miles.

4. I will acknowledge my own definitions of “fat” and “fit” over everyone else’s. People will tell me I’m thin. People will tell me I’m fat. People will brainwash me with all sorts of standards and definitions. But I will realise that even if the whole world thinks I’m in perfect form, it all means nothing unless I agree, by my own terms.

5. I will visualize a thin me. It exists. I will buy clothes that are slightly too tight. I will imagine that I look the way I wanna look. I will convince myself I’m thin, so that I will become thin. I will have faith that through visualization, I will achieve the vision.

There’s really little else to it. I’ve lost 32 kilos and 8 inches around the waist once. Though I’ve regained about 5 kilos, I believe I can amaze myself again.

Mind over matter. It’s true.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

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