(That Thing I Do)

Il Lido Lounge Bar @ KL City

I hate the city. Okay, not really. The city is great. What I hate is the traffic. That is why I’m intensely thankful that I don’t work in the city. I can’t imagine having to endure an exodus from the epicenter of gridlock in the city every single day.

The only logical choice, it seems, would be to spend more productive time in the city, rather than attempt an insanity-inducing crawl.

Realistically, what I would do is hit the gym, grab some dinner, and then hope to the heavens that traffic has let up and I can go home with my hair intact. While that’s partially because I wanna get fit and have an early night, it’s mostly because I’m stingy and the people I wanna hang out with are always too busy for me.

KL skyline from Level 2 rooftop at Il Lido Lounge Bar

What I’d really prefer to do is relax in an opulent yet laid-back setting. Out of the many venues that I’ve been to for events and such, only a few have struck me as an I-wanna-have-my-next-birthday-party-here kinda venue. Il Lido Lounge Bar is one such place. Located along Jalan Mayang (off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng), Il Lido is tucked away in a quiet corner of the city despite being right smack in the middle of it. In fact, it’s a few minutes walk from KLCC.

A lawn, on a roof, in a bar, in the city.

The roof top bar on the second floor seems to have been designed for a singular reason, that is to impress, without appearing to try too hard. I adore the outdoor lawn, complete with benches and dining tables. The view of KLCC is the cherry on top of the charm sundae. While the sun is busy entertaining other parts of the world, DJs entertain the house with music that leave me nodding in agreement to the beat.

Thank the booze lords for conceiving the brilliance that is happy hour. At Il Lido Lounge Bar, happy hour begins just about when your about to leave work and lasts long enough for the traffic jam to be flushed away with drinks (5pm to 10pm daily) .

Il Lido sends me lunch menus I can’t afford from time to time, and each time I read it, I pine over not being able to savour the food that I know will be worth the money. Alright, fine, I can afford it, just that I feel it’s only justified when I’m with someone special.

Spacious enough for 200 people. Perfect for private parties.

If I could have my way, my next birthday party will be held at Il Lido Lounge Bar. It will definitely be nothing short of memorable, and almost grandiose. One day, I will. But until then, I’ll just drop by and lounge around at the rooftop lawn and knock back a few during happy hour, as I dream of having the whole place to myself, in celebration of me.