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Lightweight, Anti-bacterial, and Comfortable!

A few nights ago I got a call from my housemate. She was apparently alarmed. “Eh, the Crocs keep getting more and more! No place to put!”

Guilty. Not too long ago I got hold of some Crocs at their warehouse sale . By “some” I mean three pairs. On the first day, that is. On the second day I went back and bought two more, and brought my other housemate, and he bought four pairs. Nine pairs of Crocs. One for every reason, season and mood. And then last week, a tenth pair was introduced to the household. Thanks to the kind people at Crocs, I received a pair of Crocband Nation England in conjunction with their official website launch.

My sexy Crocs

The reason? I was appointed one of the five official Crocs bloggers . With my active lifestyle and my faith in Crocs footwear, it became apparent to the people at Crocs that I’d be a suitable representative for their products. Simply, because they won’t need to pay me. They know I’ve always loved the lightweight, anti-slip and anti-bacterial footwear that they’re known for. For safe measure, they bribed me with a free pair anyway.

The season? It’s the World Cup! Really, I couldn’t care less who wins or loses. But if you dosupport a team, why not show the world by wearing your favorite Crocsband Nation? I just wear mine because the red cross makes me feel really heroic and all that.

The mood?






Well, what’s an official blogger if he doesn’t give away some goodies, eh?

I’ve got with me a small little goodie – a Crocs film camera (yes, it’s a real camera!). It looks a little like the one which Wen Pink won at the event. Yeah, she loves it because it’s quite a cute collectible. I’ve a green one to give away. Just drop a comment sharing about your favorite reason, season or mood for Crocs. Most interesting comment picks up this money-can’t-buy collectible.

(pictures courtesy of Andrew Chiam , Jacquelyn Ho , Feeq and Tian Chad , because quite simply I was too busy being lazy to take any pictures)

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