(That Thing I Do)

Round Two

I have gained 12 kilos since my lightest. I no longer have as much stamina as I used to, and I no longer feel good being seen in public. What happened? Perhaps I didn’t realise that fitness is a journey and not a destination. Perhaps I got complacent and decided that feasting was deserved and […]

Blind Lover

Last night I had a dream. In this dream, a girl was in love with me. And I was in love with her. Perfectly ordinary scenario, except for the fact that she was blind. I was sad that no matter how good I tried to make myself look, it would mean nothing to her, and […]

Day 5/365: Chocolate Dreams

Every now and then when I close my eyes and the world fades into a blur, I dream a dream of perfect love. Ironic, since I don’t know what perfect love is really, but I am convinced I know what it should feel like; and in my dreams, that’s exactly how it feels like. In every dream, […]

Day 22: Pancakes

He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes. Or so the saying goes. And if your dream were a good dream, you’d dream this pancake. Little medallion pancakes with near everything you could want. Strawberries. Slivered almonds. Raisins – both dark and light. Bananas. Ice cream. And most importantly, peaches. Just gotta love peaches. You […]

I Will Not

If you merely consider me an option,Nothing more than an afterthought;I will not prioritize you when you have nobody else. If you only speak to me because you need to be heard,When your echoes fall silent when I need to know you’re there;I will not be there for you when you drown in solitude. If […]


I am thankful that I am not as fat as I used to be, though that’s not to say I shouldn’t put down that donut. I am thankful that my job doesn’t suck. Yet. I am thankful that where I live food is good, cheap and plentiful. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be, because it’s making […]

I promise

I promise to come to work on time. I promise to drink responsibly. I promise to not spend heartbreaking amounts of money on photography. I promise to not be such a huge iPhone fanboy. I promise to call more often. I promise to treat you with more respect. I promise to exhibit more kindness towards the people around […]

Day 49/365: Going Down

I end my day at work every day when I step int into the lift. Down I go, out of the office. Away from everyday droning. Down I go. A reminder that I’m not really escaping from the routine rat race. Disposable income. Down.Energy levels. Down.Motivation. Down.Free time. Down.Fitness. Down.Mood. Down. Down.

Day 54/365: In The City

Five years ago, I moved to the city in search of a life. It began on the most ironic note; I signed away my life in exchange for some money. Hardly enough, I keep toiling. Hoping that one day I’ll get back my soul, and sell it again to the highest bidder. By night, I […]

The Malaysian Definition

Some like their sambal sweet, some like it spicy. Some like their rice starchy and moist, some like their rice in loose grains. Some like their burgers with chili sauce, some like it with mustard. Some prefer chicken, some prefer beef. Some feel pleasure with extreme spiciness, some feel pain. That’s the beauty of being Malaysian. We don’t […]