(That Thing I Do)

Day 54/365: In The City

Five years ago, I moved to the city in search of a life. It began on the most ironic note; I signed away my life in exchange for some money. Hardly enough, I keep toiling. Hoping that one day I’ll get back my soul, and sell it again to the highest bidder. By night, I […]

The Malaysian Definition

Some like their sambal sweet, some like it spicy. Some like their rice starchy and moist, some like their rice in loose grains. Some like their burgers with chili sauce, some like it with mustard. Some prefer chicken, some prefer beef. Some feel pleasure with extreme spiciness, some feel pain. That’s the beauty of being Malaysian. We don’t […]

How Not To Conduct A Food Review

Once upon a time, there was a man. One day this man went to a restaurant and ordered some food. He liked the food very much, and took pictures of it. He then went home, posted up the pictures on his website and wrote all sorts of wondrous things about it for people to read. […]

Baskin’ In Chocolate Glory

Growing up, there was one day I really looked forward to every year, and that is Christmas. I could take 364 days in a year, roll it into one, and it couldn’t even hold a candle to the awesomeness of that one magical day. It’s a day where I get showered with the things I […]

For Love Should Be Effortless

I remember the day the iPad 2 was released in Malaysia. I heard stories of throngs of people queuing up outside stores for hours, just to be among the first to own the hallowed gadget. My desire for the device had not been a very well-kept secret. As much as I lusted for that magical […]

Between The Clouds

“They seem so at peace,” she exclaims as she gazes towards the sky. I look down into her eyes as it twinkles with enchantment. “I wish I were a bird,” she continues, with such innocence that evades me. I take a breath to indulge her mysterious excitement, but words escape me. She skips out of […]

Picture Perfect

I’ve always loved photography. Even in my teenage days, I’d take my cheap wind-up camera and snap random pictures. Back then, it was all on film. Scanners were very expensive and most people didn’t even have computers. At the end of the day, I’d have crude pictures which I couldn’t even preview, and no money […]

Pork Burger @ Cristang Restaurant

When it comes to burgers, Malaysians tend to gravitate to either one of two schools of preference. On the left, we have the church of Ramly . These are the people who swear by the pure simple goodness that is the Ramly burger. A Ramly burger patty has more fat (by weight) than it does protein. That’s before soaking it with […]