(That Thing I Do)

Eat It, Speak For It

Back in my days before I was actively sharing on my blog, I knew a great place that served the best durian ice cream. The stall looked very unimpressive, but the ice cream was death by durian. Everyone I took to try it with me, immediately fell in love with the rich and creamy goodness […]

Five Ways To Use Mind Powers To Lose Weight

Once upon a time, I looked a little different from how I look now. Supersize me 108 kilos. 238 pounds. 40 inch waist. Not the prettiest sight. I had much difficulty looking for clothes, climbing stairs, not breaking plastic chairs, and feeling good about myself. Nowadays I’m a little bit lighter. I believe I can […]

Amazing Things Happen

“I can’t access your website.” “My user ID isn’t working.” “Your customer service is not responding.” “We hate you.” Okay. Perhaps I made up that last bit, but it would seem that the newly launched “4G” network has been having a few issues since its launch last Friday night. A foul taint on the otherwise […]

How Not To Conduct A Food Review

“For illustration purposes only.” Once upon a time, there was a man. One day this man went to a restaurant and ordered some food. He liked the food very much, and took pictures of it. He then went home, posted up the pictures on his website and wrote all sorts of wondrous things about it […]

Even Stars Grow Weary

You’ve walked with me through falling skies and rising dust,In every step, in you I trust.In cold of night and blaze of day,You stand by me through white and gray.Immaculate, yet humble, you now stand worn,Never once have you left me forlorn,In this realisation, I grow teary –Eventually, even stars grow weary.

Day 57/365: Polarity

You tell me I’m fit. I feel flattered. I get complacent. You tell me I’m fat. I feel ugly. I increase my efforts. You love me. I am gratified. I stop trying. You hate me. I am crushed. I get stronger. You assure me it’ll all be okay. I believe you. Even though I know […]

Day 55/365: Wake Up

At many points in my life, I found myself living in a really bad dream. You know, when you just one day suddenly come to the realization that you’re in a place that’s so far from where you could be. Lost. Desolate. Purposeless. A feeling far beyond merely hating your job or really wanting more […]

5 Reasons Why Solo Workday Lunches Work

Lunching alone – it works! Most people don’t like eating alone. And under most circumstances, I too prefer to eat with company. But at the office? That’s a whole other ball game to me. This is why I prefer eating alone during workday lunches: 1. The workaholic invasion Yes, we know you have a deep […]

Simple Camera, Fancy Camera

It’s almost hypocritical how I always tell people good photographs are not born of expensive gear. Even the humblest camera is capable of taking a good picture. Yet I walk around with a big clunky camera with all the bells and whistles, thinking about buying lenses I can’t afford. It’s sort of like how fried […]

When Football Fanhood Gets Disgusting

I love football. I love running on the field. I love kicking the ball. I love almost scoring goals. I love keeping the opposing team from scoring goals. I love everything about football. Except when I’m a spectator. I don’t get the excitement of watching a sport. And most of all, I don’t get how […]