(That Thing I Do)

5 Reasons Why Solo Workday Lunches Work

Lunching alone – it works! Most people don’t like eating alone. And under most circumstances, I too prefer to eat with company. But at the office? That’s a whole other ball game to me. This is why I prefer eating alone during workday lunches: 1. The workaholic invasion Yes, we know you have a deep […]

Simple Camera, Fancy Camera

It’s almost hypocritical how I always tell people good photographs are not born of expensive gear. Even the humblest camera is capable of taking a good picture. Yet I walk around with a big clunky camera with all the bells and whistles, thinking about buying lenses I can’t afford. It’s sort of like how fried […]

When Football Fanhood Gets Disgusting

I love football. I love running on the field. I love kicking the ball. I love almost scoring goals. I love keeping the opposing team from scoring goals. I love everything about football. Except when I’m a spectator. I don’t get the excitement of watching a sport. And most of all, I don’t get how […]

Il Lido Lounge Bar @ KL City

I hate the city. Okay, not really. The city is great. What I hate is the traffic. That is why I’m intensely thankful that I don’t work in the city. I can’t imagine having to endure an exodus from the epicenter of gridlock in the city every single day. The only logical choice, it seems, […]

Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

I remember the first time I heard a Kings of Leon song. It was some months ago, during my Body Combat class, as a cooldown track. The smooth rhythm took me along for a relaxing cooldown, while the vocals and lyrics echoed a pain that was almost subdued. I didn’t know the song or the […]

Wild Soup Chase

When it comes to food, I’m mostly a creature of habit, despite popular belief. One look at my photographs and blog (and belly), and the immediate assumption is that I’m always going to random places looking for interesting new food to enjoy, photograph, and write about. Not entirely true. What usually happens in my day-to-day […]

Saline Love

The day you left our hearts did break,Our tears the pain could not express,The hopeless wish that you would wake,Saline love could not supress. Your familiar smile, your precious touch,Deserved much more than we did give,Your whispering warmth we miss so much,Your echoes in our hearts still live. Your memory is all that we can […]


I have recently come down with an ailment. In its early phase, common symptoms are itching, lack of mental focus and obsession. In its later phase, symptoms can be more serious, including insomnia, severe obsession, severe itching, and inability to complete day-to-day functions normally. The symptoms can get quite debilitating as it progresses. Patients who […]

Day 12/365: Flavors of History

Some days you just gotta comfort yourself. Curry chicken mee hoon . Reminds me of my mum’s curry. She doesn’t cook much these days. Fried egg with runny yolk. Reminds me of college days, when budget was extremely tight and eggs are consumed abundantly. Bubur caca . Reminds me of a time when taking a dessert break made […]

A Positive Change

Once upon a time I subscribed for an internet service plan. After some hitches, their customer service managed to iron out the kinks for me and I had access to the internet, just like everybody else. Then I moved. The area was “within coverage”. However after a month of being instructed to reposition my modem […]