(That Thing I Do)

Being Broke Is Not So Bad

In my growing years, I’ve always envied the stuff the “other kids” had. I never had a video game console. My parents didn’t buy me a bike. We eat out about twice a year. We go on holiday about once every three years, on local day trips. No, we weren’t poor. But we weren’t rich […]

Day 48/365: You Make Me Happy

I know some people who spend a lot of their lives trying to please other people; and in trying to do so, they often lose themselves, and get too worn down to give any energy to anything else. On the other end of the spectrum, some people who just couldn’t be bothered about the people […]


Close your eyes, you don’t have to face the morrow.Embrace the night, escape to where there be no sorrow. Take a breath, stare into the distance.Spread your wings, leap into a new existence. Hold me tight if you feel a little cold,On your knees, the earth beneath you desperately hold. Speak to me saline words […]

Clash of the Titans

As a child, I was deeply fascinated by two things: dinosaurs and Greek mythology. I had toys, books, and I would glue myself to the TV screen when anything related comes on. Naturally, when I first watched the trailer for Clash of the Titans, the child in me was jumping so vigorously with joy, my […]

Even Stars Grow Weary

You’ve walked with me through falling skies and rising dust,In every step, in you I trust.In cold of night and blaze of day,You stand by me through white and gray.Immaculate, yet humble, you now stand worn,Never once have you left me forlorn,In this realisation I grow teary –Eventually, even stars grow weary.

Oh My Gourd! (Restoran Fu Kua @ Taman Mayang)

Bitter gourd. Ugh! The name itself already indicates how aversive it tastes. One look at the wrinkly, dreadful fruit (yes, it’s actually a fruit and not a vegetable) affirms all prejudice against it. I never enjoyed the taste of bitter gourd. Not one bit. That is, until a few weeks ago. A few months ago, I began […]

Day 27/365: Tortoise Jelly

Gui Ling Gao . Also known as tortoise jelly. For when you want dessert, but don’t want the guilt that comes with it. 114 calories and 0.1 grams of fat in 200 grams of this bitter-sweet dessert. Boasts claims of improving complexion. I wish all desserts were as healthy. A relatively low-calorie dessert which makes you pretty. […]

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