(That Thing I Do)


“Amidst the crowd, I hover almost aimlessly. I glance into the distance and I see you doing your thing. I watch helplessly from between the waves of cocktails and people. My gaze is fixed in your direction, as still as the night. I waited patiently, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had your full attention.

I waited until the time was right. I approached you. Eyvonne. What a pretty name. Befitting. Your hands met mine. I could feel the warmth. Our encounter was brief. Our exchanges were shallow and brief. 

As I walked away, I felt good about myself. You made me shine. You made me feel like a man.”


Real men have shiny nails

The other night, they were offering free manicures at a club before an event. It was a long queue, but eventually I got my nails cleaned up good.

A real man dares flaunt his metrosexuality. Look at my nails. They shine.