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The journey of Inspiration (Nikon Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration)

It’s been 19 months since I first laid my hands on a digital SLR camera. It felt as natural. It felt comfortable. I looked into the eyes of the lens and I was taken by the beauty I saw. It was love. My heart was taken by the art. There was no turning back.

Looking into your eyes…

… makes me feel so alive…

… You’re beautiful!

In the months since then, I’ve grown and evolved into the art in my own way. I’ve discovered that my intense passion for all aspects of food also extends into the realm of photography.

My most humble and faithful companion.

I’ve always relied on minimum gear and maximum know-how. I’d expand on my gear gradually, learning and mastering each before I add to my arsenal of lenses and other equipment.

Once upon a time, in the land of Photographia…

Photography is and has always been a journey to me. Always learning, always improving, always growing.

I spend plenty of time shooting pictures, and some people wonder how it is that I never get bored of it. I constantly find myself with new ideas and new inspiration. So many perspectives to capture, so many stories to tell. There’s an endless world that I find through the eyes of the lens that I can capture between the moving shutters.

It’s a journey that will never end, and will never cease to be the same magical joy that it’s always been. My Nikon D90 has been a faithful companion to me in this journey of photography. It’s been good times.

Veterans of photography.

Nikon has been enabling good times for photographers in Malaysia for 10 years, and I’m proud to be making use of Nikon equipment to facilitate my passion. In conjunction with this celebration, Nikon will be bringing together some very big talents (Manny Librodo and Cede Prudente are among them) in this art to join them at Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from Thursday, March 31st 2011 until  Sunday, 3rd April 2011.

Celebrate with Nikon by allowing yourself to be inspired by these amazing talents by attending their talks or viewing their impressive showcases at the venue. Poison your desires by trying out their professional range of cameras and lenses and see what you’ve been missing. Or simply come get your camera sensor cleaned. Participate in model shooting and other contests to win cameras and other prizes. I made sure I indulged in all of the above (except sensor cleaning) when I was there on the first day of the celebration. I had no reason not to, since all of this is free to everyone.

During the celebration, I’ve come to appreciate my Nikon equipment even more, with a deeper understanding of the brand, the equipment, and the free offerings that are available to me (but previously did not know about).

Armed with new appreciation and inspiration, I’m prepared to continue my journey with a deeper joy and more intense love for the art. I wonder, when I’ve been doing this for ten years, if I’ll be able to inspire as I’ve been inspired during Nikon’s 10th year celebration .

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