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The Types of Palm You Can Sell

The Types of Palm You Can Sell

Are you keen on selling your products online? Got no shirts nor bags nor shoes nor shawl nor cakes to sell? Well, you might want to consider agriculture e-commerce instead. Yup, you can sell a whole lot of things related to gardening, from gardening tools, fertilisers to trees! Especially now that palm is pretty popular indoor trees as decoration for personal space, why not try selling different types of indoor palm trees as your source of income! Plus with the good quality now it received less comment!

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So, what are the types of palm trees you can sell? First and foremost, you can look at the sago palm. With leaves that are stiff and grow upright from the trunk, these features have made it look like a pineapple. It’s a good indoor plant to be kept as its growth is very slow and it requires good lighting all the time. You must make sure to water it sparingly to avoid crown rot from happening. If you suddenly experience some kind of loss of your plant, fret not as its usual time span would be around 15 years.

Other than that, you can also go on your e-commerce business with yucca palm. It is also known with the nicknames of Spanish Bayonet and Stick Yucca. The plant has razor leaves but no worries because the pointy tips will not cause you to bleed. Being very tolerant of the drought just like the other thick stems palms, you will need to expose it to sunlight, be it fully or partially. You might also not believe me when I say this type is edible and you can get vitamin C from it!

Cascade Palm

Another one would be the Cascade palm. It doesn’t have a central trunk like any other palm trees. With a number of leaves growing from its clump, it is a full palm. In the original place where it belongs, you can usually find it along wetlands such as rivers and streams. Thus, do plant a systematic irrigation system at home for this cascade. The plant also enjoys a shady and dim environment.

All in all, there are many species of palm you need to know if you really love palms!

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