(That Thing I Do)

15 Ways to Keep Healthy & Slim as a Food and Travel Blogger

People often ask me, “How do you food bloggers stay fit?” I look down at my belly and am puzzled at why they’re asking me of all people. It certainly doesn’t look like I know the answer to the question (though in reality I do – I just don’t practice!)

I would love to share the secret, though it shall not come from me, lest I be dubbed a hypocrite. My friend Mei (a.k.a. Ciki ) is a rare breed of food bloggers and hardcore foodies who’s incredibly fit. One glance at her and you could tell. Just ask all the male gym-goers who stand behind her during Body Combat classes. I’m sure they’ve had plenty of glances for themselves. Mei has graciously agreed to deliver these precious secrets through my blog so that all may enjoy food and a superfit body.

Enjoy the read and prepare to feel guilty!