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A Slice of Heaven

Posted on October 17, 2010 by marcky

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Over the last week, I ate cake. Lots of it. I tried to resist the temptation of sin, but it was too enticing. It all started innocently enough. A harmless glance. Then came the casual intentions. Mere moments later, casual intentions avalanched into unyielding desire. I didn’t stand a chance. I succumbed to sweet pleasure.

My favorite cakes: Chocolate Durian and Cherry Cheese

Just Heavenly . It would be such a self-involved name, if it didn’t so absolutely perfectly describe their cakes. I could speak of how creamy the durian filling is in the Chocolate Durian cake, or how full-flavored the cherries are on the Cherry Cheese cake, or how rich the chocolate is in all of their chocolate cakes; but I their name already says it all. Just heavenly.

Their novelty custom-made cakes are quite the attention-seekers.

Bling it on!

From weddings cakes…

Cakes to go wild over!

… to cartoony cakes…

Cake and shoes. What more could a girl want?

… to cakes that represent your hopes…

One can never be too old for fairy tales

… and your dreams, Just Heavenly is always prepared to bake cakes that are pretty to eat, and too delicious not to.

A Slice of Heaven at Food Republic (food court), Pavilion Shopping Mall

With the launching of Just Heavenly’s newest outlet at Pavilion Shopping Mall, aptly named A Slice of Heaven, Just Heavenly also offers outdoor catering services with sweet and savory canapés (the latter sourced from a secret source with similar uncompromising standards of quality). Their offerings can be tailored to your imagination and needs.

Key lime tartlets: miniature key lime pies

Cupcakes for charity: part of the sales proceeds from Heavenly Vanilla and Heavenly Chocolate cupcakes are channeled to Pixel Project and Women’s Aid Organization

Banane Cream Pie: It’s not as naughty as it sounds

Despite their choice of name, I notice the cakes at A Slice of Heaven are generally not served in slices, but rather in single-serve and full-sized cakes. I guess that way, all the yummy cake filling and cream doesn’t get exposed to air, and you therefore get the best of their cakes every time.

In a perfect world, cakes would be guilt-free. Go ahead. Indulge a little. Sin a little. All will be forgiven. After all, it’s A Slice of Heaven.

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