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Baskin’ In Chocolate Glory

Growing up, there was one day I really looked forward to every year, and that is Christmas. I could take 364 days in a year, roll it into one, and it couldn’t even hold a candle to the awesomeness of that one magical day. It’s a day where I get showered with the things I want, I wouldn’t have to go to school or study, and all my friends were free to go out and do stuff together. It’s like the perfect day, and it would happen every year.
The day would come tirelessly on fall on that same spot on the calendar, but it would eventually fail to hit that spot in my heart – the spot where joy would spring. While tradition remained that Christmas would be a day of festivities, the celebration itself dissolved into little more than streamers and running lights.

Friends were no longer together. Gift-giving have devolved into an tiresome obligation. That extra day off would be cancelled out by all the preparations, shopping and travel.

What was left?

There was no joy – and it is for this same reason that for the most part, I never invested myself into birthdays or even Valentine’s day. They’re all just days that come like clockwork, and we’re somehow expected to coincide our need to celebrate with the rotation of the sun.

When I first embraced my abandonment of “calendar festivities”, it felt like I was breaking up with the whole idea of celebration. But it wasn’t long before I decided that a celebration should never be something that I had to wait for, or be determined by a certain time of the year.

A celebration should be an acknowledgement of life’s little victories, great and small.
In recent weeks, many festivities have come and gone. During Christmas, I spent a large amount of time grumbling about not having anything fun to do. On my birthday, I spent half my day replying wall posts and texts. On new year’s eve and new year’s day, I spent my days in my room taking shelter from fireworks and meaninglessness. On Valentine’s Day, I spent my day mocking people who spent ludicrous amounts of money on flowers and dinner sets.

After the dust of scheduled festivities had settled, I decided that perhaps I should celebrate. Life has been challenging, and I’ve scored many a victory. And so, I fabricated my own little “holiday” to commemorate and acknowledge the hardship and blessings that the last 12 months have brought me.

Good friends are what makes a celebration what it is.

As much as I’d like to detach from tradition, I had to have two important components for my celebration – the dearest of friends, and the richest of cakes.

The dearest friends to me are those that demonstrate kindness and patience without being called upon, and the richest of cakes are incarnations of chocolate divinity.

Baskin Robbins makes ice cream cakes well – they don’t melt too fast, so there’s no need to rush a happy celebration!

My choice of Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for my random celebration.

Pick any flavor of ice cream you like for your Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.

I went over the top with my choice of cake with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Peanut butter chocolate flavor topped off with a cluster of chocolate brownies. They say you are what you eat, and I had picked this combination in (futile) hope that I would become rich and sweet, but it turns out my only resemblance to the ice cream cake is that I’m dark, heavy and sinful.

Too much chocolate for a girl to resist.

As the delirium of the sugar-high began to set in, I reflected on how all the things we plan more often than not fail to materialize, and how many of our joys and blessings come unexpectedly. Like the holidays marked on our calendars, we plan our own blessings, when the sweetest of joys seem to always come on otherwise ordinary days.

“Happy Ice Cream Cake To You” means everyday can be a celebration!

It has been a trying year for me, but it has not gone by without giving me a reason to celebrate an ordinary day. I refuse to let a calendar dictate when I share my victories with my friends. I refuse to let a diet tell me that I cannot have my cake and my ice cream. I refuse to wait, when it is today that I should be acknowledging the blessings that I have.

Spoilt for choice with so many chocolate-based designs.

A wide variety of designs for all occasions.

This mountainous chocolate glory is what I’ll pick for my next celebration!

… Alright, I’ll admit it. I just wanted an excuse to eat ice cream cake.

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