(That Thing I Do)

Between The Clouds

“They seem so at peace,” she exclaims as she gazes towards the sky. I look down into her eyes as it twinkles with enchantment. “I wish I were a bird,” she continues, with such innocence that evades me. I take a breath to indulge her mysterious excitement, but words escape me. She skips out of her daydream and into my arms as she sighs. “The birds. They seem so free. They can just get up and fly anywhere they want, just like that.” A look of disappointment washes over the glow that faded in a heartbeat. She pouts as she looks up into my stoic eyes. “I wish I were a bird.”

“Let’s be birds, then!”, I said to her, excitedly. “What’s stopping us? Let’s just get up and fly anywhere we want!”

“But I don’t wanna go anywhere. I just wanna fly, right where we are. I wanna be free. I wanna be a bird!”


Into the clouds and over the blue

Flying. I’m inclined to believe that everyone has wished or dreamed that they could fly. Some may dream about it constantly, while some, perhaps at some point in their life where they wish they were just free. I usually find myself wishing that I could fly, while I’m stuck in a traffic jam. I’d wish I could fly, not just so I could get to my destination quicker, but so I’d feel detached from all the worries I have with my feet on the ground. I’d just wish I could fly away from it all, even for just a little while. It would be just me against the sky, and I’d always come out on top.

The beautiful Esther Ng and I before taking on the skies

Last weekend, a few of us had the privilege to make acquaintance with the pure white blue, courtesy of Reuben . One plane. One pilot. Three passengers per flight. The skies were the limit. Literally.

Before taking flight, Euveng and I thought it appropriate to get acquainted with the aircraft first.

Euveng getting friendly with the aircraft

Me getting a little bit too friendly with the aircraft

Flying in an aircraft, of course, requires some serious preparation.That is, if you’re the pilot.

All buttons, knobs, levers and gauges seem to be in order

As passengers, all we need to do is come prepared in our aviation-best; and there’s nothing better than a pair of aviators and a pretend-to-be-not-nervous smile.

Aviators. Because Tom Cruise says so in Top Gun.

Knowing you’re about to soar above the city and taking a breath from above, the feeling is absolutely majestic. Every worry in the world would be beyond us, even if just for a while. We would be in the skies, and nothing could touch us.

It felt like the heavens were ushering us into flight

Everything I’ve been used to seeing, looked different. Everything is put in a different perspective. Suddenly my biggest worries, my biggest fears, they looked different. Nothing has changed, but they don’t seem all that scary anymore. I was flying; and though I had no cape, I felt invincible. Even if just for a while.

Hovering above Mid Valley Megamall, the largest things seem to small from up above

The feeling is one of a kind, but it’s not just for the privileged. If the experience of flight captivates you, join KL By Air Facebook group , and contact Reuben . As it stands, the most inexpensive aircraft (as in the pictures) costs RM600 per hour to rent. Reuben does not charge for his services – only the cost of the plane rental. He is an enthusiast, and like all enthusiasts, are most happy to share their passion.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, Reuben is always happy to oblige a few stunts up in the air. Depending on your level of tolerance, the overall sentiment towards the experience would widely vary. If you’re anything like me, you’d not let out a single scream, and land feeling absolutely fabulous.

Everything’s fine and dandy!

Or perhaps you might end up a little… less comfortable.

I want my mommy!

Whether you take the milder or the more adventurous options, one thing’s for sure. You’ll land feeling like flying again.

Houston, we have lift off!


She was born an angel, but it was on that magical day that she first spread her wings and basked in the heavens. Between the clouds, she found not her dreams of being a bird realised. Nay, she found something far more precious. She found herself.

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