(That Thing I Do)

Blind Lover

Last night I had a dream. In this dream, a girl was in love with me. And I was in love with her. Perfectly ordinary scenario, except for the fact that she was blind. I was sad that no matter how good I tried to make myself look, it would mean nothing to her, and I couldn’t show her all the beauty that was around her. Yet she was so perfectly in love, and so was I.

When I woke up, it got me thinking. It would seem that the message in the dream is that I don’t need to pursue my goals of looking great. Whether the message is from my insecure subconscious or an unseen divine being, I’m not buying it.

When I think about it again, I see another meaning behind the dream. Sometimes, when a person doesn’t appreciate something you’ve put so much effort and thought into, it may not necessarily mean that they don’t love you enough. It’s just that they are unable to appreciate it. They’re just blind. Blind to your compliments. Blind to your courtesy calls. Blind to you dropping everything.  Blind to all the seemingly infinite number of hours and amount of money you spent looking good.

Perhaps there’s a blind lover in all of us.

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