(That Thing I Do)

Category: Cynical

I Will Not

If you merely consider me an option,Nothing more than an afterthought;I will not prioritize you when you have nobody else. If you only speak to me because you need to be heard,When your echoes fall silent when I need to know you’re there;I will not be there for you when you drown in solitude. If […]


I am thankful that I am not as fat as I used to be, though that’s not to say I shouldn’t put down that donut. I am thankful that my job doesn’t suck. Yet. I am thankful that where I live food is good, cheap and plentiful. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be, because it’s making […]

I promise

I promise to come to work on time. I promise to drink responsibly. I promise to not spend heartbreaking amounts of money on photography. I promise to not be such a huge iPhone fanboy. I promise to call more often. I promise to treat you with more respect. I promise to exhibit more kindness towards the people around […]

Day 49/365: Going Down

I end my day at work every day when I step int into the lift. Down I go, out of the office. Away from everyday droning. Down I go. A reminder that I’m not really escaping from the routine rat race. Disposable income. Down.Energy levels. Down.Motivation. Down.Free time. Down.Fitness. Down.Mood. Down. Down.

Day 54/365: In The City

Five years ago, I moved to the city in search of a life. It began on the most ironic note; I signed away my life in exchange for some money. Hardly enough, I keep toiling. Hoping that one day I’ll get back my soul, and sell it again to the highest bidder. By night, I […]