(That Thing I Do)

Category: Emo

The Girl At Breakfast

It’s a weekday morning just like any other ordinary weekday. I decided I would have a hearty breakfast, at one of my favorite breakfast places. As I approach my usual table to have my usual meal and my usual coffee, there you are sitting across my usual spot, as pretty a girl as one could hope […]

Rainbows Make Her Day

I have a friend. She has bad days at work a little too often. On days like these, the would treat herself to a Happy Meal toy, or buy herself a colorful pinwheel. Whee! And then she would smile again. If only I could cheer myself up with colorful plastic trinkets.

Even Stars Grow Weary

You’ve walked with me through falling skies and rising dust,In every step, in you I trust.In cold of night and blaze of day,You stand by me through white and gray.Immaculate, yet humble, you now stand worn,Never once have you left me forlorn,In this realisation I grow teary –Eventually, even stars grow weary

Round Two

I have gained 12 kilos since my lightest. I no longer have as much stamina as I used to, and I no longer feel good being seen in public. What happened? Perhaps I didn’t realise that fitness is a journey and not a destination. Perhaps I got complacent and decided that feasting was deserved and […]