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Crocs Charity Contribution to the Children

Hands up, those of you who love children! Yeah, I know many of you have your hands way up in the air, flailing them around while squeaking in a high-pitched voice. And perhaps, some of you are less enthusiastic about children. I would consider myself to be in the latter category. But I decided to […]

Lightweight, Anti-bacterial, and Comfortable!

A few nights ago I got a call from my housemate. She was apparently alarmed. “Eh, the Crocs keep getting more and more! No place to put!” Guilty. Not too long ago I got hold of some Crocs at their warehouse sale . By “some” I mean three pairs. On the first day, that is. On the […]

What’s This Hoo-Ha With Crocs Marketing Strategy?

Allow me to first address you, dear readers, that I’ve not been requested to write this article, nor have I been pressured, coaxed or persuaded in any way to express my opinions in this article by any party including Crocs Malaysia or their representatives. I’m writing article voluntarily, in tandem with other people whom I […]

iPhone 4ever And Ever, Amen

I’m not one who typically writes about events, nor do I write about technology and gadgets per se. But every now and then, comes along an exception. When Maxis conceptualized the launch of the ( pick one: a. much awaited, b. over-hyped, c. revolutionary, d. all of the above)  iPhone 4, it wasn’t to be a typical event […]