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Crocs Trailbreak: Not Entirely Pretty But Kicks Ass

Shoes. They make the man. One might argue otherwise, but I insist. I have enough pairs of shoes to rival a woman’s arsenal. More than a dozen pairs of assorted footwear. It’s not so much that I’m obsessed with shoes or buy them compulsively; it’s just that I see the need for different shoes for different reasons, seasons and moods. I have leather shoes for work, cross trainers for the gym, flip flops for everyday walking about, sneakers for going casual, loafers for dressing it up a notch, and even dedicated shoes for paintball, hiking, and sports.

Close to half of my shoe rack consists of Crocs, and it’s been that way even before I was appointed as one of their five official bloggers (in fact, it’s part of the contributing factors that I was chosen). Why do I choose to wear Crocs, mostly? First of all, they are pretty comfortable, and I do find I get the best mileage for comfort and durability per ringgit with Crocs. Nevermind that they’re anti-slip and all that (which does matter but isn’t the primary factor influencing my choice). They just work for so many purposes. I have a pair of Trailbreaks which I wear solely for hiking and paintball. Pretty secure fit and water-friendly. Before Trailbreak, I used to wear very expensive cross trainers that got muddy and ragged in no time. Not entirely pretty, though, if you ask me, but it doesn’t matter. When I’m wearing them, I’m usually leaving people in the dust while I sprint up hills, or they’ll be too busy dodging (or eating) my paint pellets to be noticing. Only my feet notice, and they’ve got no eyes, so they’re happy. Less than beautiful? Perhaps. But I kicked your ass with it.

That’s my Crocs Trailbreak experience. Not the prettiest, but sensibly menacing. Yes, practicality doesn’t always have to be pretty.

Most of you out there probably have plenty of shoes as well. I’m giving out three Crocs shoe bags worth RM89 each. Two deserving individuals will be receiving it from me. All I ask is that you tell me about your memorable Crocs experience. I’d like to know how my readers are enjoying their Crocs. Share your experiences like I’m sharing mine. (Post as a whole in the comments section, or even better link me your blogpost!)

I will announce the deserving individuals in the comments section, and also provide a link to the next contest (by another Crocs blogger). Until then, do yourselves a favor. If you must have Crocs, buy original. There is a difference. I spent hundreds on them for good reason. If you think they’re the same, go ahead and buy a pair of imitation ones, and ask me to lend you my original Crocs. I’ll let you wear them both for a week to compare. Go ahead. Buy one from a street vendor. They’re cheap, after all. Just make sure you ask for a genuine pair from me to borrow. I have many (which I bought with my own hard-earned money). Buy them while they’re still available.

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