(That Thing I Do)

Day 12/365: Flavors of History

Some days you just gotta comfort yourself.

Curry chicken mee hoon . Reminds me of my mum’s curry. She doesn’t cook much these days.

Fried egg with runny yolk. Reminds me of college days, when budget was extremely tight and eggs are consumed abundantly.

Bubur caca . Reminds me of a time when taking a dessert break made me feel at peace.

Yam cake. Reminds me of my younger days where I’d park myself on a stool at the roadside food vendor and eat yam cake – lots and lots of yam cake. Back then, monetary inflation was relatively low, so it was very cheap. As the currency inflated, so did my belly, unfortunately.

Food. As close to time travel as we’ll ever get.

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