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Duties to Expect From a Professional Web Designer

Before when you say website design company penang, then it means that they will design the already created website. Just like in a house, the web designer can be equated to an interior designer. The interior designer will be the one to design what the home builder has built so that the house will not only look good but will also be comfortable to the inhabitants. Same thing goes with the online website. The one developing the website is the website developer while the website designer will be the one to make the website look more appealing and functional. However, that situation is what it used to be. Nowadays though, the roles of a website designer is kind of expanded or evolved. They are not only concern with the looks and the navigation of the website but they also do some other things like website optimization and user experience design.

Now, let us talk about each of the roles of a typical website designer:

  • When you say user experience design, it means that the web designer will also consider when designing the website the purposes of the future visitors to that website. That means, they should arrange its features in such a way that when a visitor will check the said website, everything will be easy for home to navigate. 
  • Then the SEO or the website optimization cater to the visibility aspect of the said site or its chances of being easily found when a potential visitor will do the search in search engines. If the website designer has this aspect to consider when designing the website right from the start, then you can say that there is a bigger chance the website will be included in the top ranking websites. 
  • Nowadays, some people are confused whether they will hire a website designer or a website developer as their roles and responsibilities kind of clashed. As the roles of the website designer evolve, so are the roles of the website developers. And the increase of their roles is kind of overlapped to the roles of the other. So, when you hire a website developer or website designer for that matter, it would seem like they can do what the other can also do. 
  • However, this should be more advantageous for potential clients as instead of hiring a different website developer and a website designer, they can just hire one person. The important thing is a website designer has key roles and duties that at least you can expect. Aside from that, they also have soft skills like organization, planning, communication, analysis and teamwork. Have this in mind when you are planning to hire a website designer which actually a must if you want your online link to be effective. 

Now that you know how important the roles and duties of a website designer is, you probably now understand why they are the only people who can really make sure that you will have an impressive online link

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