(That Thing I Do)

Eat It, Speak For It

Back in my days before I was actively sharing on my blog, I knew a great place that served the best durian ice cream. The stall looked very unimpressive, but the ice cream was death by durian. Everyone I took to try it with me, immediately fell in love with the rich and creamy goodness of the durian ice cream. Then one day, it vanished without a trace. Not long after, my favourite soup place also followed suit, and my heart aches till this very day for the Irish Beef Hotpot that I will likely never taste again.

I had learned that good food needs to be shared, so that people are aware, and people will patronize these places regularly enough for them to stay in business. Lack of awareness had assassinated many a good dining pleasure, too soon before their time.

Recently, I had lost my favourite burger stall to this tragedy. My heart (and stomach) breaks for all the great dining places that have fallen victim to silence. I realised that one man can only do so much. It is the people that need to act, to preserve the thing that makes Malaysia so awesome – our food.

If you love food, honor it. Vote for it.

Click here to vote on Time Out KL Food Awards 2010

Click here to vote on Love Your Street Food

Please help preserve the most important part of our modern culture, the biggest part of our lifestyle. Vote now out of respect for food, and if you don’t see your favorite food or restaurant on the list, contact Time Out KL and Fried Chillies and let your voice be heard.

Don’t let another wonderful dining pleasure fade away before its time.