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Food Containers You Would Need Now

freezer food containers malaysia

Mycotoxins can only be eliminated by preventing their formation in the first place. Since the lids completely remove the air from the container, Planetary Design’s coffee storage containers do more than only prevent food from spoiling.


When it comes to keeping dry products, oxygen is the most prevalent environmental component we have to contend with. When it comes to preserving coffee, the improper containers may lead to staleness, and this is particularly true. Oxygen is one of the most destructive elements in the battle against taste. The freezer food containers malaysia are perfect there.

The coffee bean’s organic molecules become unstable due to the presence of oxygen. Coffee loses its flavor and fragrance when these organic chemicals are oxidized by oxygen in the air. Because 80 percent of what we taste comes from our sense of smell, we want our coffee to have as much scent as possible. Using Airscape’s inner lid technology, the storage container will not only be kept airtight but will also be completely devoid of any air at all. In order to keep food fresh, Airscape’s better-than-airtight technology expels any remaining air from the container.

freezer food containers malaysia

Where can I store my coffee in the most effective container?

Any dry product should be stored in a container that keeps out light, moisture, and oxygen. Coffee and other dry items may be stored for extended periods of time in containers that can successfully avoid all three of these environmental conditions.

  • You can trust Planetary Design to keep your coffee and other dry items fresh, since we’ve done extensive study on the best way to do so. To keep coffee and other dry items fresh, coffee storage containers expel air from the storage unit.
  • UV rays are well protected by stainless steel and ceramic coffee storage containers. All types of dry food may be stored in kitchen storage bins. Inside and out, each sleek and sophisticated finish demonstrates meticulous handicrafting skills and materials. A more well-organized kitchen will have a more appealing appearance thanks to the attractive storage containers, which come in a variety of colours.
  • The storage containers are scratch-resistant and simple to clean. We all know that things will go wrong at some point. At Planetary Design, we don’t claim to be flawless; instead, we’ve designed each container to be simpler to clean up in the case an accident does occur.
freezer food containers malaysia

We have assured that there is a storage container for every lifestyle by providing a variety of types and sizes. The kilo storage container is available for bulk food buyers. 2 12 pounds of coffee beans may fit in this container. No odour is retained after food transportation since our Kilo storage containers are made of galvanised steel by Planetary Design. In addition to being the greatest airless food storage container on the market, this restaurant-grade kitchen storage container is also a stunning addition to your kitchen.


The new Bucket Insert is now available if you need more storage space. Most 3 12-gallon buckets may be fitted with this lid. Airless storage doesn’t have to be limited to tiny containers to get its advantages. The inner lid technology is now available to all dry goods storage buckets.

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