(That Thing I Do)

For Love Should Be Effortless

I remember the day the iPad 2 was released in Malaysia. I heard stories of throngs of people queuing up outside stores for hours, just to be among the first to own the hallowed gadget. My desire for the device had not been a very well-kept secret. As much as I lusted for that magical wondrousness of a device, I wouldn’t put myself through a queue. Not for a device that’s I can get my hands on just by waiting a couple of weeks, and paying the same price.

While I could understand how it might bring some people the deepest joy to waste valuable hours in a queue to pay a full price for something that anyone else could get their hands on within weeks, I wouldn’t put myself through all that. But I really wanted it badly though. So I did the smart thing. I ordered it online from the Apple Store. Actually my girlfriend did, and with her own money, too.

Yes. She bought me an iPad 2, and neither of us had to waste any time queuing. Effortlessand I didn’t have to pay for it. Very good deal.

With all that money saved, I should really just keep it in the bank. But no, I’ll spend a little. But I will not queue. Online shopping is my favorite place to hunt for bargains and get it sent straight to me. The problem usually lies in the really expensive international shipping, and the chance that you might (very likely) receive a counterfeit item.

That’s been a problem for the longest time now. That is until I chanced upon the discovery of HiShop . I like the peace of mind that comes with HiShop’s guarantee of 100% genuine goods. With prices that are more competitive that what I find in stores, it’s hard for me to not give HiShop at least a little of my retail attention (and money). I also like that I get to pay via Maybank2u and other direct payment methods through local banks.

I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of fake goods, but I’ve also never liked paying full price for a high-quality original product. But I would if I had to. With HiShop, I get a chance to pay less for more. Sales come and sales go, but I never have to miss them. With the early alerts from HiShop, I get to prepare my budget before being surprised with a great sale.

Now that I’m registered, all I have to do is wait and cross my fingers for a sale that tickles my fancy. It’s my turn to sit back, click, and wait for a premium product to be delivered to my happy girlfriend.

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