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Grace My Feet With Old and New

Most guys tend to think that nobody really pays attention to a person’s shoes. Girls would nod in agreement when I say this assumption is far from the truth. As for me, I’m a bit of a girl in this sense. I always notice shoes. Every time someone walks by, no matter what I’m doing, I tend to at least take a glance at their feet. To me, a person’s shoes tells me something about them. Not just the shoes in themselves, but how they are matched to the rest of the outfit, and the occasion.

Every time I see a pair of Crocs, I’d imagine the thought processes that went behind the wearer’s decision to purchase a pair. When I see an elderly couple both wearing a pair of colorful classic bucket-style Crocs which completely contrast against their unexciting everyday-wear, I see it as a decision motivated by sheer comfort. When I see someone wearing a pair of Crocs with a specialty print such as Hello Kitty or a country flag withjibbitz , I immediately hear their resounding declaration of a passion.

Today, I noticed particularly more Crocs-wearers than usual. While there are so many reasons to motivate one to take home a pair of Crocs, there’s one that’s particularly compelling from the 2nd to 5th September 2010; and that would be the Crocs Warehouse Sale at Ikano Power Center (2nd floor). I’d know – during the last sale I took home five pairs (and that was before I was appointed an official blogger for Crocs, so you know I really do love their shoes). They had an abundant range of sizes, from 6 to 13, during the last sale; and a large selection of models. Very unlike most warehouse sales I’ve been to, where they only sell the most rubbish designs (for guys, at least).

I’m eying one particular pair on sale. Which one? Watch the video below and see what all the official bloggers (and other friends of mine) have to share:

There is the possibility that they may not have it in the right size, seeing as how Crocs warehouse sales are always big hits on the first day itself (which I missed due to work commitments). I shall try my very best not to be too disappointed. After all, their Fall & Holiday 2010 collection has a few designs that appeal to me.


The Devario is reminiscent of the Converse All Star (of which I incidentally have two pairs of).  This pair looks to have a more aged, retro finish, and with the unmistakeable comfort of the insole (made with their patented resin called “Croslite”), I’d probably want a pair for longer days out. My classic Converse sneakers are really pretty and inexpensive but they are very lacking in the comfort department. Why sacrifice comfort for style when I can have both?

Crocband Sneaker

White sneakers. Some might label them boring, but I find them to be classic and timeless. These look really comfortable and laid back. As much as they appeal to me, I’d probably not get these, seeing as how I already have a classic white Converse All Star (aka. kasut sekolah /school shoes) and a pair of white Crocs Axis. Perhaps I might get them in grey or black. Perhaps.

Santa Cruz Argyle

Santa Cruz Classic Plaid

It’s no secret – I’m a sucker for loafers. I find the new Santa Cruz designs to be a unique revisit to a classic set of designs. These seem perfect for that preppy, rich-boy look. Wonder if I can pull it off (seeing as how I’m not even close to being or looking rich). I see myself wearing these sans socks, with a pair of slim fitting light-colored shorts, with a pastel-colored polo tee and a nice leather-strap watch, and donning an Oakley, with a fresh short-cropped haircut.

Lily Holiday Floral

Hey, waitaminute , who put that picture there? This is definitely not on my list to buy, though it is kinda pretty and looks really comfy – a welcome detachment from most women’s shoes out there (especially this this price range). Come to think of it, this season’s lady’s shoes are so much more visually pleasing than the men’s range. I almost couldn’t recognize them as Crocs.

Looks like I’ll be shoe shopping this weekend!

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