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How Can You Protect Your data?

Your data is important. It is valuable and we cannot put a price tag on our private information. Data includes our browsing habits, pictures, personal information, purchasing history, and literally everything. And in today’s world. People can track locations and even your bank details. The world has the power to get all access to your private information within a matter of seconds. It is both alarming and frightening to realize how vulnerable our data is. The fact that people have the ability to obtain it without your permission and manipulate it as they wish. If the pandemic wasn’t enough of a wake-up call to our data vulnerability, the last Facebook scandal sure was one. 

In recent years our data being dols off or simply given away is just a reality. A reality that most of us have accepted since big corporations fed us that “it is for the user’s personal benefit”. However, this is far from the truth. The benefit we get is not even a fraction of the empire they built using the technology and web of data sharing among businesses. Facebook is a platform where a massive amount of our data is stored and it could be easily sold off to the highest bidder. And in the current climate, it does feel like there is little to nothing we can do about our data privacy. The pandemic, it complicated things even further. We had to give up our rights to privacy in return for the safety of our country. People needed to be tracked whether it is using their spending habits or their walking paths, this information became crucial to fighting a viral plague. 

However, all hope is not lost and there are many ways we can guard up our data 

Using VPN 

Your browsing data should belong to you and no one else. What you google or bing is up to you and no one should have access to that information. Even if it means you are searching up for the best brownies in town or the top backup software. More often than not, we tend to use public internet connection and wifi hotspots for our browning. It is always wise to opt for our own Virtual Private network. They hide your data, location, and what’s coming to your phone, and what you are seeing out. No one has the power to access your network and the data is encrypted. Your chances of being hacked or having an identity stolen are much less compared to before. 

Encrypting Your Data 

Do you encrypt your data? If you have not, then it is time you should. Encryption can be done on all of your electrical devices, including your computer and your phone. You don’t want a private email or a private conversation or your beloved content written at the hands of the wrong people who can use the conversation to manipulate you and have a powerful stance over you. Your data should be with you and that is your power. 

Get A Password Manager 

Password managers sound like an absolute hassle but if you want to prevent any breaks ins to your social media, a password manager is extremely crucial. Many password leaks have landed companies and even individuals in hot waters, or a massive scandal. We could easily avoid any breach of data and password leaks, by simply using a password manager. 

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