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How to make friends

The world is inhabited by over 7 billion people. We are divided by many different characteristics, but one thing unites us, we are fellow humans. Connecting with people from all over the world has not been an easy task back in the days but now you can just on your laptop, connect it to the internet, open the search engine and just find for the preferred communication platforms that will allow you to connect with anyone wherever they are at any time of the day and night. It is something so easy now that you do not need to wait for days for any letters or calls which is why people nowadays tend to make more friends from different parts of the world. They would have such diversity in their group of friends that it is something surprising. However, that is not the case for other people who are usually shy when it comes to making friends. It is not that they don’t want to make friends but rather, they don’t really know how to. Hence, this article would tell you the way to make friends in three steps. 

1 – Meet other people

If you feel like you tend to avoid big crowds, try to join a small club in your school or youth group where you will be surrounded with a group of people that are around your age. If you are not confident to start big and face-to-face; you can even join an online forum where you can appear under a nickname and make friends there. It may seem challenging making friends online, but it is definitely easier than you think. Meeting people through a certain space would allow you to form a bond based on that similarity. It is also a great way to boost your confidence and at the same time do something you love. You can get advice from your family or your other friends for ideas on what to join to help you make more friends. 

2 – Be more open

People like to talk to people who appear to be open which is observed from their body language. Sit comfortably, straighten your back and look around. If you ever catch someone’s eye, smile at them. That shows that you are somewhat friendly and eventually they would come talk to you. If you are nervous because you are not used to it, you can exchange greetings and tell them truthfully that you are not used to interactions like this. People would usually be more understanding that way and they would help you feel comfortable so rather than pushing them away, just try talking to them.

3 – Be a good friend 

Being a good friend can mean different ways for each individual but to put it generally, you can be a good friend by being a good listener and supportive of their choices. Whenever they are having a bad time, you can be there throughout, and you can console and comfort them. If they achieved something remarkable, you can be happy for them and cheer them on. If they are simply enjoying life and feeling happy, be there with them and absorb their positive energy to make yourself happier and do not ruin that. You would really be appreciated as a friend. 

Making a friend, I believe, is easier than maintaining that relationship, especially when that person moves away or lives thousands of miles away from you. However, let that not be the reason you lose friendship and use the available benefits to connect with them. If you want to do video conference, you would need a proper internet connection so that the call would be smooth so opt for high-speed internet which is more secure and stable and choose among the Time fibre package because when you are able to connect with your friend seamlessly, it would be worth every penny. 

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