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How to Replace a Ball Float Valve Assembly?

What is a Ball Float Valve?  

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Floating ball valves are the most common type of valve used in industrial piping systems. These valves serve the purpose of slowing the flow rate of product being delivered into the tank and thus reduce the possibility of a spill resulting from an overfill. The ball float valve is designed so that as the seats begin to wear the pressure from the media flowing through the valve will force the ball against the downstream seat to maintain a tight seal. Ball float valves are often used in toilets. 

Steps to Take to Replace Float Valve Assembly

To carry out the replacement of the float valve assembly of a toilet, there are several things that you will need during the process which are, pliers, a sponge, a bucket, an adjustable wrench or tug, an old towel, a measuring tape, scissors and a new float ball or float valve kit. Below are the steps to take to replace ball float valve malaysia.

1. Shut Off the Water

Turn off the water to the supply line. Flush the toilet to drain most of the water out of the tank. Sponge out the remaining water into a bucket.

2. Unscrew the Coupling Nut

Use an adjustable tug to loosen the coupling nut at the top of the water supply line located underneath the tank. Once loose, finish unscrewing it by hand and disconnect the line from the tank. Next is the lock nut.

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3. Remove the Lock Nut

Place an old towel on the floor below the tank to soak up any water that may drain from the tank. Remove the lock nut that holds the float valve assembly to the tank using the adjustable tug. Pull out the old assembly.

4. Take Your Necessary Measurements

Next, measure the height of the overflow tube located in the center of the tank. Set the new float valve assembly to the height of the tube. There are several styles of assemblies, so make sure to follow the adjustment instructions for your specific model, to avoid complications.

5. Install the Float Valve Assembly

Insert the float valve assembly through the hole at the bottom of the tank. Gently push down on the assembly and thread the provided lock nut onto the shaft underneath the tank. Hand tighten the lock nut, then use the tug to turn it one-half turn. Reconnect the water supply line to the assembly with a coupling nut.

6. Attach the New Fill Tube

Second last, attach the new fill tube to the float valve assembly. Clip the provided angle adapter onto the overflow tube and attach the fill tube to the adapter. If there are any kinks in the fill tube, cut it to fit.

ball float valve malaysia

7. Restore the Water

Lastly, turn the water on and check the water level. Make the necessary adjustments to the float valve assembly according to the instructions for your model. The water level should be 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube. Learn more here

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