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iPhone 4ever And Ever, Amen

I’m not one who typically writes about events, nor do I write about technology and gadgets per se. But every now and then, comes along an exception.

When Maxis conceptualized the launch of the (pick one: a. much awaited, b. over-hyped, c. revolutionary, d. all of the above)  iPhone 4, it wasn’t to be a typical event either. I mean, really, who launches a product on a weekday at the stroke of midnight, in a shopping mall after it has closed, and expects a good turnout? Come on, really?


While the legions of people have been queuing up as early as 6pm to worship get their hands on the iPhone 4, I sneakily let myself into the VIP party at G-Six (Maxis didn’t hold back – they booked out the whole club), knocked back a few drinks, helped myself to the finger food (oh the skewered salmon was so appetizing!). I mean, c’mon – free food and drinks in a club that’s alive at 10pm, that’s the beginning of a good, good night. Perfect reason to skip the main event, that is the actual launch, which was sans booze.

But I went, anyway. Like the little sheep that I am, I flocked obediently towards anything Apple. Oh, Maxis, what a devious ploy! I felt no excitement, no attraction – unlike the thousands of peons queuing up downstairs. Yet, I was there, against all explicable reason. I stood there, unexcited yet anticipating. Kinda reminds me of how I feel when I go to church. If Steve Jobs, Apple and iPhone were the Holy Trinity, then Maxis CEO Sandip Das was the priest that night. As he delivered his sermon, I was almost oblivious that there were almost three hundred others like me just crowding around attentively. Three hundred people, who all came to hear a man talk about the iPhone 4, in the blind of the night, without any intention of going home with the glorified (or glorious?) device.

The priest and his clergy delivered their word, and I shall so proclaims the good news:

1. Outright purchase (while not listed on the website) is available for pre-paid users, who will also receive 12 months of data for free (500mb limit).

2. You can buy it right now (sales began midnight, and as I’m writing this, people are still buying).

3. Extended 24-month warranty on the iPhone 4 for 24-month commitment plans.

4. Maxis is waiting for Apple to allow them to distribute iPads (oh yay, more devices for us to slobber on!)

The sermon was clearly delivered without feeling any threat from the other yellow religion. Better network? Better experience with competitive plans? Let’s no argue about faith. You will believe who you will believe.

One thing is certain. The iPhone 4 has a certain subtle magic about it.

I don’t need it. I can’t afford it. I am not head-over-heels about it.

But I want it and I want it soon.

It would seem to me that I’ll be returning to my first true love once again, despite the many good times I’ve had with my current love.

Nothing seems to make sense, yet everything seems to be perfectly in place.

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