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Oh, How I Prosper (Prosperity Burger @ McDonald’s)

Every year it makes its seasonal rounds towards the end of the year. Every year, my pursuit to eat wisely falls victim to its allure. The thick oblong beef patty, the abundant slivers of zesty onion, the intense black-pepper sauce – a trinity that never fails to weaken my resistance.

“Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want.” -Abert F. Geoffrey

Ah, Prosperity Burger, how I missed you.

On one hand I wish it would remain in the menu at McDonald’s all year round. On the other, I am glad that there’s nothing to tempt me to McDonald’s for the rest of the year. After all, the Prosperity Burger is the cornerstone reason for most of my visits to McDonald’s. The curly fries that come with the Prosperity Burger meal (and no other meal!) turns the temptation into a two-pronged assault that is destined for victory over my fragile resolve.

Would you like fries with that?

In the black-pepper haze of delusion, I’d sabotage my quest of vanity with a plenitude of excuses: “Once in a while isn’t too bad for me.”; “I’m having Coke Light instead of Coke, anyway.”; “It’s only a medium set, after all.”; “It’s the festive season, so it’s okay to indulge a little.”

This happens every year, and on a regular basis, too. I have to admit, the bursting flavor of black-pepper and onions over beef has a tendency to convince me that it’s worth the damage.

Curly? Surely!

I fail to understand how a little black pepper sauce turns the otherwise neutral appeal of McDonald’s into an irresistible attraction. Even more perplexing is how curly fries are so much better than regular fries. The ultimate mystery, however, is why McDonald’s chooses not to sell either product all year round. Maybe, like a benevolent deity, McDonald’s is just showing some mercy.

Yet another contributor to my impending obesity. Pass the curly fries, please.

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