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Oldest Gambling Centre

The Casin di Venezia, or Casino of Venice, is the oldest functioning casino. The structure was built around 1509 for Venetian aristocrats. In 1638, the Renaissance-style edifice opened its doors as a “gambling house.”

The Great Council of Venice created the gambling halls (known to Italians as Ridotto/Ridotti or “private chambers”) to enable “regulated gaming” during the carnival season. The Casin di Venezia was one of around 20 casinos in operation at the time.

During intermissions from theatrical or operatic performances, spectators would often go to gamble. Thus, the Casin di Venezia was initially simply one wing of the structure, with the remainder housing different forms of entertainment at the time.

The casino structure is undoubtedly a piece of beauty. The inside is lavishly decorated with intricately carved motifs in both wood and marble. Columns and pillars emphasise the ancient Romans and Greeks. Chandeliers and sculptures in the rooms create an impression of going into the past.

The structure is a castle located on the Grand Canal in Venice’s Cannaregio district.

The casino also aptly symbolises Venice’s moniker “the City of Canals,” since the easiest way to get there is via gondola or water taxi, which has been the best way to get there since its inauguration.

A museum devoted to German composer Richard Wagner is also housed in the casino. Wagner was a regular visitor to Venice and resided in the casino building. The museum displays the world’s biggest private collection of Wagneriana outside of Germany. Every year, the casino is a part of a variety of Wagner-related events, including exhibits, publications, conferences, roundtable talks, and performances.

The Casin di Venezia has two locations: the original at the Ca’ Vendramin Calgary estate and a modern second casino at Ca’ Noghera, opened in 1999.

The Ca’ Vendramin now has over 600 slot machines and a slew of table games. Table games available at the Casin di Venezia include:

Roulette en France

Fertilizer Road

Banco Punto

Fair roulette

Jack the Ripper

Caribbean Stud Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker (Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em)

The Casin di Venezia is well-known for hosting competitions. One of these competitions is associated with the Venice Carnival, so the casino was founded. The World Poker Tour is hosted yearly during the carnival at the Casin di Venezia and is sponsored by one of Italy’s top online gambling businesses.

They also have other competitions. The annual Italian Chemin de Fer Championships, owned by the casino, is one of the most important competitions. Since 2004, this has been going on. Several one-night events, such as a Punto Banco 2000 Touch Tournament, blackjack tournaments, and baccarat tournaments.

The Ca’ Vendramin Calgary estate also includes the Wagner Restaurant and the gaming facilities. Diners may enjoy authentic Venetian food while surrounded by paintings and murals by renowned classic Italian painters.
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