(That Thing I Do)

Five Ways To Use Mind Powers To Lose Weight

Once upon a time, I looked a little different from how I look now. Supersize me 108 kilos. 238 pounds. 40 inch waist. Not the prettiest sight. I had much difficulty looking for clothes, climbing stairs, not breaking plastic chairs, and feeling good about myself. Nowadays I’m a little bit lighter. I believe I can […]

Day 37/365: Thirsty

Most of my hours go by governed by my human needs, both basic and modern. I work to pay the bills. I work out because my vanity demands it of me. I exchange all my money with big companies for the big boy toys that keep my life organized, in touch and in sync. What […]

The Malaysian Definition

Some like their sambal sweet, some like it spicy. Some like their rice starchy and moist, some like their rice in loose grains. Some like their burgers with chili sauce, some like it with mustard. Some prefer chicken, some prefer beef. Some feel pleasure with extreme spiciness, some feel pain. That’s the beauty of being Malaysian. We don’t […]

Tony Roma’s Experience

Once upon a time, back when I was still a student and weight a hefty (read: grossly obese), I found myself in Singapore with my brother, who’s been working there for a while. By tradition, he’d always pamper me with really nice meals (and sometimes gifts) which I could never back then dream of affording, since […]

Christmas Isn’t Christmas

Christmas used to be a season of excitement for me. As a kid, it meant more toys. Despite the general spend-absolute-as-necessary domestic financial culture which my parents used to practice while I was still living under their roof, Christmas would be the exception, when my parents would spend a lot on gifts for me. Christmas, […]

Grace My Feet With Old and New

Most guys tend to think that nobody really pays attention to a person’s shoes. Girls would nod in agreement when I say this assumption is far from the truth. As for me, I’m a bit of a girl in this sense. I always notice shoes. Every time someone walks by, no matter what I’m doing, […]

What I’m Really Here To Say

I’m not here to announce that Crocs has reopened their Mid Valley Megamall concept store as the biggest one in South East Asia. You will eventually hear about it yourself, or you will see it for yourself as you’re passing by; and you will notice that it is big. You will also notice they have a wider range of […]

Day 33/365: Serpent

The book of Genesis tells a story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden which tempted Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. The story of how man (or woman?) fell from God’s grace through sin. The picture above, I’d like to believe, is an interpretation of that story. It’s an interesting story, but I don’t […]