(That Thing I Do)

Round Two

I have gained 12 kilos since my lightest. I no longer have as much stamina as I used to, and I no longer feel good being seen in public.

What happened?

Perhaps I didn’t realise that fitness is a journey and not a destination.

Perhaps I got complacent and decided that feasting was deserved and exercise was optional.

Perhaps I let “life” catch up on me.

Perhaps all I really wanted was to prove something, once, and after that my fitness didn’t really matter anymore.

Perhaps I felt invincible and didn’t think obesity could triumph over me again.

Perhaps I just lost my reasons for wanting to keep fit.

I want to regain former glory and more. I want to be fit again. The game has changed, though. The status quo has changed. My work schedule can get unpredictable. My lifestyle is heavily food-oriented.

The battlefield has changed, but the battle can still be won. It must be won.

Round Two. Fight!

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