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Sex- Some Fun Facts You Need To Know

Sex is one of the taboo topics to be talked about. Sex provides stimulation (like a vibrator would do) to the whole body so you can feel the pleasure. Pleasure equals good feelings. When talking about sex, sex toys are one of the essential. First and foremost, everyone can use sex toys. It is limitless regardless of  your background, gender, and sexual orientation. Let’s discover some of the basic facts regarding sex. So here are a few things that you need to know. 

  • Sex toys sales are increasing during the Valentine’s day 

There are chocolate, flowers and jewelry that people can choose as a gift for Valentine’s Day. A ticket to the spa, couple massage, wine are some of the good gift options as well. But, sex toys are noticeably purchased more when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I mean, it comes in handy. 

  • It is illegal to own sex toys or obscene objects in India. 
The Documentary regarding Sex Toys-Vibrator

A documentary published on YouTube titled BDSM in India-Sex-Rated by Vice Asia showcases how an Indian dominatrix called DJ dominate her client. Living in a conservative country, where sex topic is considered taboo, she gets most of her sex toys supplies from the market or local supplies store. For example, she bought a wooden spatula as a tool for spanking or punishment. Then, she also shows how to turn rope into a flogger. She said to combine a few inches of the rope and tie them together. Why didn’t she just buy them online?  According to Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code, any book, drawing, figure or object, “shall be deemed to be obscene” if it fuels any lascivious, or overtly sexual thoughts and behaviors. There is no exception for buying sex toys online due to the Section 67 of the IT Act makes that law also applicable to online businesses. Well, it might not be aesthetically pleasing or convenient, but she needed them. Thank God for online sex toys store huh?! 

  • Based on the sentence above, you can actually turn your regular household items into sex toys. Spoon, rope, spatula, butter ehem the list go on. I already gave you the rough idea, am I? 
  • It is usual to have lust for yourself. If you think your body looks good and loves staring at them, you are just confident! Don’t worry about it. 
  • It is harder to satisfy women’s sexual needs than men. That is why most women use sexual toys such as SecretCherry vibrators to satisfy themselves.
  • Not only women use vibrators to satisfy themselves. Most couples would bring some toys into their bed to spice things up. More actions are explorable by doing so. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, over 80% of women have carried their toy into bed with their partners. We don’t think they mind if there’s a little more action

Remember, sex toys can be used to pleasure yourself and your partner. Make love till you started seeing star. Yes, pleasing yourself is one of the ways of taking care of yourself. Do not feel ashamed of wanting pleasure and take care of yourself. Please make sure that sex is consensual, safe and then you are set to go!

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