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Storage Ideas For A Functional And Stylish Kitchen

Kitchen storage ideas

The elements that are part of its design interact in a harmonious way. Serving the practical sense and the aesthetic plane in equal parts. Achieving a functional and stylish approach is a complex issue that has a lot to do with the storage solutions chosen. Organization is a basic issue in a room conceived as a workspace that, over time, has been converted into a meeting place.

The possibilities in terms of kitchen design respond, to a large extent, to issues such as available space or distribution. However, technicalities aside, it is possible to orchestrate each of your resources so that the result is highly attractive.

Do you want to know how to get it? Take note of these storage ideas for a functional and stylish kitchen!

Kitchens with island

The modern houses have made the open concept one of its hallmarks. The integration of spaces is the order of the day in constructions that, although they do not always have generous dimensions, are rich in creative elements and stylish solutions.

The kitchen with island is a perfect formula for blurring the spatial limits with a good dose of charm. Taking advantage of them to include shelves, cabinets or drawers is a perfect recipe to solve the storage needs in a functional and stylish kitchen.

Exposed shelves

They are present in a multitude of spaces within the home. And in the  kitchen , it was not going to be less. As storage solutions, shelves are a most seductive tool. Thanks, among other things, to the multitude of materials and ways in which you can integrate them into the design of this space.

In stainless steel, glass, wood, occupying the entire wall, in compositions with several shelves… The possibilities are endless. And its potential to create functional and stylish kitchens, too!

Compartmentalized furniture

Drawers and cabinets are key pieces in any kitchen worth its salt . But do you know how to get their full potential out of them? Betting on compartmentalized solutions is a perfect way to guarantee the internal organization of these elements. That, otherwise, they run the risk of being wasted. You have interesting proposals for storing cutlery. As well as cabinets that hide complete kitchenware in a corner cabinet. All are ideal options to maintain a perfect Kitchen storage ideas.

Cabinets at different heights

The  furniture occupies a large part of the protagonism in the design of the kitchen. Having adapted pieces and enough to guarantee a perfect organization is the best formula to achieve a functional and stylish kitchen. Bet on a thoughtful disposition . Placing each closet or furniture at the perfect height so that the elements inside are accessible. And they are always available for when they are required.

If you have a small kitchen, you can always contact a professional carpenter for a custom furniture design. You will not only optimize the space, but you will add character to the composition.

Original solutions

The  organization of the kitchen leaves room for creativity. And it is precisely the imagination that is responsible for providing a good dose of style to the space. A magnetic wall, for example, is an attractive and original resource.

Placed next to the sink or in the kitchen area, proper, it will allow you to have tools such as knives and other tools at hand. And even with the spices with which to flavor your recipes.

Kitchen storage ideas

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