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The Importance Of Human Resource (HR) In A Company

Managing a company with many organizations is hard, especially when you have to caters to everybody’s needs and wants. That is why a company must have a Human Resource also known as HR Organizations. This organization will be handling all of the employees at the company and they will also be handling the recruitment of new employees. Without the HR department, a company will not be able to function well. It doesn’t matter if the company is a big well-known company or a small starting company, they must have an HR department to make sure that the company is running smoothly. Even the metal company Malaysia, needs to have an HR department. 

metal company malaysia

These are more reasons why the HR department is important and why every company must have an HR department. 

  1. Employee’s well-being 

Being the CEO or manager of the company means that we have a lot of subordinates under us and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are doing their assigned task. However, sometimes it is hard for our subordinates and ourselves to talk about the problems that we are facing. That is when the HR department will come to help, it is their responsibility to make sure that all the employees are being taken care of and if there are any issues regarding the office like harassment or mistreatment HR department will be responsible to handle this kind of issues. 

  1. Salaries 

The HR department is responsible for the employees’ salaries and bonuses every month. They need to keep track of everybody’s bank account and they need to make sure that everybody is getting their salary. Not only that, but they also need to make an extensive survey on other company’s to make sure that they will be no complaint from the employees regarding the payment that they are receiving. 

  1. Recruitment 

When there is an empty position at the company, it is important to fill in that position as soon as possible, because every position has an important role in the company. To recruit and find the right replacement can be hard especially when they are hundreds of applicants from people with different backgrounds. So, the HR department needs to scans the resume and application carefully to see who is the most qualified and suitable for the position. 

  1. Employee’s training 

Everyone has their own talents and skill, the same things happen at every company. Every employee has their own strengths and weakness. However, it is important for them to overcome these weaknesses for the company’s development. So, the HR department is responsible to make sure that every employee receives their training and they also must see the development in the employees. 

  1. Company culture 

Every company has its own company culture that is suitable for their company’s needs. To make sure that the environment in the company is a happy, healthy, and safe working environment the HR department must build a positive company culture and they also must make sure that everybody is maintaining that company culture. 

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