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Three Things To Consider When Designing A Lab

A laboratory is a controlled space where researchers and scientists can carefully carry out their tests and experiments. It is a space dedicated for research and exploration. These places contain the right equipment for the experiments. Laboratories should be clean, neat and orderly. If the place is unorganised, the experiments carried out there are considered null. Carrying out an experiment should be in a place that can be controlled by the researchers. Everything and anything can affect the outcome of the experiment. Factors of temperature and humidity are all considered when an investigation is going on.

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So, since even small matters such as humidity is factored into results, labs are there to ensure that these things are controlled. When researchers are able to control these factors, they can ensure that the results are not tampered with, and are accurate. Accurate results produce accurate hypotheses. The investigation can go on and be counted as successful. 

However, how does one go about designing a lab that can be reliable and suitable for researchers. There are so many things to consider that it may be overwhelming. Here are the three main and brief considerations that lab designers should take in. 

Examine entrances and clearances 

Lab equipment changes and upgrades every other year. The advancement of science and technology has ensured this. So, these equipment should be taken out, and the new ones should be installed as soon as possible. However, this can’t be carried out if the entrances, hallways and clearances are small and narrow. Lab designers should bear these points in mind whenever they are planning the schematics of the lab. This way new equipment can be brought in easily, and the old ones can be shipped off easily as well. 

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Collaborate with engineers and architects closely

Following the previous point, it is essential that lab designers have to be prepared for upgrades and changes to their equipment. Hence, they need to work closely together with the engineers and architects planning the place. They need to be able to carry out the function, while holding onto their aesthetically pleasing interior. Both can be achieved if all discussions go well. Other than that, they should also consider discussing the designs in-depth with plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineers. This way, they can work around the safety needs, aesthetic needs and functional needs of the lab. 

Designate area for chemical storage

If the experiments carried out include hazardous chemicals and dangerous substances, an area should be designated specifically for storage. Without proper storage capabilities, these substances are exposed to all sorts of mishaps. These unfortunate incidents can cause damage to the lab, and risk the lives of the people using the labs. So, designate an area specifically for proper chemical and substance storage. Ensuring a storage for these substances will allow lab users to feel safe, and allow the chemicals to be stored safely for future uses. 

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