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Top 3 Activities If You Are Bored Standing On The Land.

If you are someone who hates routine and loves trying new things, perhaps you will find being bound on land frustrating. The idea of venturing out underwater or in the air might seem strangely compelling to you. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Some people are afraid of heights or develop aquaphobia (fear of being in water sources like swimming pools or the sea) while some live for the thrill of such extreme activities.  Do you know that there are more than 33 popular water sports in the world and around the same amount for recreational activities that involve you being off the ground like skydiving or zip-lining? These recreational activities, no matter the water sports or sky-high adventures, have thousands of fans around the world lining up for them due to the guaranteed fun of being away from the land.

Here are the 3 to activities you should try if you are bored of stepping your feet on land.

Hot Air-Ballooning

It is common for us to hear about sky-diving or parachuting when it comes to air-related activities. Those are one of the most recommended activities you will see if you ask around for suggestions on extreme sports. A tandem skydive in the UK will cost you around £199 to £318 and parachuting can cost you at least £150 per day. However, you should try for a unique experience of riding a hot air balloon. It gives you a n unobstructed 360-degree panorama of the natural beauty of your surroundings from a high point. One of the famous spots to do this is in Serengeti, a region in Africa filled with nature and wildlife. If you are a huge fan of photography, this is the time for you to take the best shots of your lifetime.

Mermaid Competition

If you have always had a desire to unleash the inner mermaid you have in your core, then this activity is the best for you to get away from the land and forget the fact that you are a human. Do you know that the World Mermaid Competition in 2019 has been the beginning for people to recognise this as an official water sports in the world? The contestants compete in mermaid swimming where it is a combination of technical swimming skills, acrobatic figures, breath holding, artistry and mermaid tail costumes. If you don’t want to compete in a competition, it is still a great hobby you can dive into as a way to have a unique experience off the land and make new friends.

Scuba Diving

This water sport is an all-time favorite for people who love being underwater more than they love being on land. It is generally a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses an apparatus to supply the required oxygen when they breathe underwater. Some might be confused to the point of this activity, but most divers love the interaction they can have with marine life. You can also move freely as you dive underwater and build up your core strength, too. If you are interested to try, check out diving classes malaysia where they provide the best deals for you to scuba dive in various islands in Malaysia.

Last Word

All in all, there’s a variety of activities you can choose from if you decide to have fun without your feet being on the ground. Such activities give a chance for you to distract yourself from your daily routines and busy working schedule. It is also a good way to bond with your close friends or partners. What else are you waiting for, everyone?

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