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best roof gutter in Malaysia

Top 5 Haunted Property In Malaysia

Just like the movie Conjuring and other horror movies, here in Malaysia, some places are considered haunted. Many people will avoid going to these places, but people who are interested in ghost haunting will visit these places. Side tips, when you are doing house hunting make sure that you are not buying or renting a haunted house and make sure that the house you are buying or renting has the best roof gutter in Malaysia. 

best roof gutter in Malaysia

Here are the top 5 haunted properties or places in Malaysia, and to be safe do not give these places a visit. 

  1. Mona Fandey’s House 

The whole nation was shocked in 1993 when a politician was killed and dismembered into several parts. The next shocking thing was that this whole murder was planned and done by a woman named Mona Fandey who practiced black magic and buried the man’s body part in her backyard. Just like the whole case, this house will definitely give you that eerie feeling. Especially after knowing that the whole gruesome murder took place in her house. 

  1. Highland Tower 

Yes, they have been made a movie about this place and it is definitely creepy. The whole background story about this building is tragic though because there was a building collapse and it took 48 innocent lives from that tragedy. After years, from that tragic incident, this building and its remains were left there resulting in many vandalism and illegal activities. However, there is also no doubt that this place has its own weird energy. From the highway, you can clearly see how creepy and eerie this whole building is. 

  1. Villa Nabila

Ask every ghost hunter, they will say that this building is definitely one of the top haunted and eerie places in Malaysia. Located in Johor Bahru, this villa was abandoned years ago and the history behind it is still unknown to everyone. But there have been many stories about the whole house members were brutally murdered due to their wealth. However, the truth of this story is unknown but this villa will definitely give you that eerie feeling. 

  1. 99-Door Mansion 

Just like its name, this mansion consists of 99 doors and the whole story of this mansion is similar to the Villa Nabila with a twist of dark magic. The whole family that owns this mansion was brutally murdered and after that, a doctor used this mansion for a black magic ritual that can “treat” people. If you think that this is a made story, you should definitely give this place a visit but do remember that you need to leave before the sunset if you do not want to hear all of the horrifying screams and see the unexplainable shadows. 

  1. Kellie Castle

This beautiful castle and the architectural art will definitely leave you in awe. This place is also considered one of the top places that many tourists and locals will visit. However, do not be fooled by the beauty of this castle because this place is one of the top haunted places in Malaysia. There were many background stories that consist of romance, tragedy, and death in this castle. Beautiful during the day but during the night this castle is not the place that you want to be in. 

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