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Understand The Era We Live In — Big Data Era

Speaking of the era of big data, what is the main background of the era? To use a graphic description, the construction of the era of big data is like our social pixels are rapidly increasing. This “pixel” comes from sensors everywhere — probes, smartphones, wearables, in-car devices, and so on. All this makes our society more and more digital, and the granularity of data is therefore more and more fine. Thus, the two elements of digital life are present: pixels and data granularity. Then, when the pixels are high enough, the process of “imaging” begins. Imaging is another key element of our digital lives, and pixels correspond to imaging, which is like connecting data to algorithms.

The big data era can be divided into two phases. The first stage is the data business stage, which is to continuously collect the information in real life, datalizing it, and make the application of algorithms according to the data information. The second stage is the algorithm business stage, which is the imaging process when the pixel is high enough. The emphasis is on the application of the algorithm, such as algorithm progression and application innovation.

automation backup software

So, what is big data? We can understand the data characteristics of big data from four dimensions, namely volume, variety, value and velocity.

The first is volume. We also call it superscale. The scale of big data is very large, but there is no absolute dimension standard, because the scale of big data is related to the problem and domain.

The second is variety, which refers to the variety of media. With the widespread use of text, voice, images and video, the information we receive is no longer two-dimensional data.

The third is value. Because the amount of data is so large, there is very little data that is directly relevant to us. So we have to dig deep to find the value that we want to find.

The fourth is velocity. The data in big data is the concept of data flow, which means that data is constantly being produced all the time.

In the rapidly developing modern society, we are surrounded by big data. Massive amounts of data are produced every second on a global scale, and they are continuously produced 24 hours a day. Every corner of our life is inseparable from big data, such as digital currency, daily traffic flow, daily shopping data and so on. Massive data needs to be continuously accumulated and stored under the support of the system, so data backup is extremely important. Automation backup software allows us to backup data regularly, with daily, weekly or monthly mode. 

Only when we truly participate in every detail of life can we understand the operation process of the era of big data.

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