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Vessel of Clay (Claypot Chicken Rice @ LSY Pot, Bandar Puteri Puchong)

Posted on April 26, 2011 by marcky

Vessel of clay born of earth and fire,
Bearing gifts of flesh and grain,
I anticipate with burning desire,
To savor intensely the joy you contain.

The thought of a good serving of claypot chicken rice on a cool weekday night after a long day at work inspires the little poet in me. It’s that special feeling of well-being that comes so deservedly, resting in the middle of the dinner table among close friends.

Oh, how the flame-parched custodian sacrificially endured the fiery embers to safeguard the flavors that would be destined to bring salivation to the dinner table. Its contents will fade as surely as do the embers, but its glory is forever.

Bed of rice, modest in its servitude, host to the residual aroma of the various meats to which it humbly gives its praise. Chunks of well-marinated chicken, an unquestioned presence in the pot of clay, representing the basis of the dish without taking its essentiality for granted. Large slices of salted fish, intensely fishy and salty, a shock to the taste buds on first contact, and the shining star of the dish thereafter. Chinese sausages, a sweet companion to the trinity, a welcome flavor to the predominantly salty dish. It’s divinity in my books.

The combination of meat brings to the table three different renditions of salty-savoriness, in plentiful proportions that weigh well against the rice beneath. I find great satisfaction in being able to easily pick out large slices of salted fish, instead of the more familiar scenario of only noticing its flavor as I randomly catch a scrap of it as I fish for my rice and meat.

An alternate incarnation of claypot chicken rice where the rice is unmolested by meat and sauces which instead sit atop in a steel dish, initially struck me as a poor man’s version of the original. They say first impressions last, but in this instance, it wasn’t the case. Counter-intuitively, the version with the rice separated from the meat and sauces tasted far more aromatic. I credit the fact that the sauces, imbued with the essence of meat, herbs and fragrant oils, are granted more liberty in the open than when embraced by the rice.

Claypot chicken rice has never been a primary choice of dinner for me, but my experience at LSY Pot in Bandar Puteri Puchong (22, Jalan Puteri 2/4) has realigned my tendencies towards the treasures contained in vessels of clay.

It doesn’t end there, though. From vegetarian sheets and pork-stuffed bean curd sheets for snacking; to vegetables and soups to complete the meal, there’s just enough variety to keep it interesting without being overwhelming. I particularly found the chicken wine soup to be very, very addictive. Just to verify that the soup was the right balance of wine and herbs, I went through four bowls of the soup. No, not because I liked it, but because I had to be sure. Honest.

Vessel of clay stoic amidst the flame,
Your silence holds secrets fleeting,
Discovering your treasures, my heart exclaims,
What a wondrous dinner tonight, I will be eating!

Oh yes, LSY Pot’s claypot chicken rice has not only gotten me singing praises over it, but rhyming in verses, too.

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