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Ways To Keep Your Sex Toys Clean

Not washing your toy, using the wrong lube, or storing it incorrectly can all result in issues, such as a shorter life span or distortion of your toy, or an infection risk for you. Here are some tips to keep your sex toys clean. Also, check out Secret Cherry dildo shop malaysia here.

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  1. Always wash your toy after every use
  • Yes, even if you’re just using it on yourself and not sharing it with anyone else. Toys that are washed on a regular basis last longer. It is warn that if you don’t, the material may degrade or become discoloured. In addition, storing an unwashed toy with other toys can contaminate them with bacteria.
  1. To be safe, wash your toys before using them too
  • They may come into contact with lint, pet hair, or other bacteria while being stored, and then if you insert them, that enters your body. However, if you store your toys properly, this is just a precaution you can take.
  1. Choose the right soap
  • It is suggested to use a mild, unscented hand or dish soap. There’s no need to use antibacterial soap as it may appear to be a precaution, but they can leave a residue.
  • You can also use a toy cleaner, if you want a more discreet option. It’s a liquid formula that you spray on the toy and wipe off, and it neutralises bacteria while not harming the material.
  1. Don’t put in your battery-operated toys into water
  • Take extra precautions if your toy has batteries, plugs into the wall, or buzzes in any way. All you need to do is wipe it down with a warm, soapy washcloth.
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  1. Clean your non-porous toys properly and gently
  • Silicone should be washed with soap and water or placed in the top rack of a dishwasher. You can also disinfect it by immersing it in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • To avoid warping, wash glass with soap and water and avoid exposing it to high temperatures, such as in the dishwasher.
  • Pyrex is basically heat-resistant glass, so it can be boiled, washed by hand, or put in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel: boil for 10 minutes, soak in bleach and water then thoroughly rinse, or wash in dishwasher.
  1. Use the right lube
  • It is advised against using silicone or oil-based lubes with silicone toys because they will stick to the material and wear down the surface. Instead, use a water-based or hybrid lube, but always wash it off afterwards.
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  1. Use a condom with your porous toys
  • Because some porous toys cannot be completely disinfected, it is recommended to always use a condom when using it with a partner. If you only use your toy on yourself, as long as you wash it after each use, you should be fine.
  • It is recommended always using a condom if your toy is made of jelly, because jelly toys contain potentially harmful chemicals called phthalates. 
  1. Store your sex toys in a proper place
  • Who knows what dust, food crumbs, and other garbage lurks inside? It recommends wrapping your toys in cloth or storing them in a cloth bag. After that, your drawer will be perfectly fine.
  • However, you should avoid using Tupperware or plastic bags. 
  • If you want to go a step further, consider purchasing a toy storage box. 

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