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Tekan sini untuk pakej Internet TM Unifi

What is Internet Speed and Why is It Important?

Think of the speed of your internet connection like the pressure of the water coming out of your tap. In fact, everything depends on the volume of water available and the flow rate is chosen using the mixing valve; all within a given period of time.

Computer Connections

Computers connected to the internet transfer information to each other through packets. In the same way that higher water pressure results in more water drops in less time, a faster internet connection will deliver more e-packets in less time. The volume of data transferred via a connection in a given period of time is the internet speed of that connection. Tekan sini untuk pakej Internet TM Unifi.

A packet is simply a unit of data. Imagine it is a drop of water. You can technically wash your hair with water that barely drains from the showerhead. However, having enough pressure to quickly rinse the shampoo makes all the difference.

Internet speeds: upload vs. download

Tekan sini untuk pakej Internet TM Unifi

When you perform a throughput test, two numbers appear in the results. One is your download speed (downstream speed), the other is your upload speed (upstream speed). You need to understand the differences between these two numbers so that you can make the best decision about what type of internet package you should order, and therefore depending on what you do via your internet connection. You can, for example, perform this test on the Speed ​​Test site.

Utilizing the Download Speed 

Download speed is the speed at which data goes from a distant website on the internet to your internet associated gadget. For instance, on the off chance that you utilize your PC to get to Linkedin, your download speed is the rate at which the data expected to stack your Linkedin page goes from the Linkedin worker to your PC. 

Final Words 

The transfer speed is actually the inverse. This is the speed at which data goes from your internet-associated gadget to a distant website or worker on the internet. How about we keep our model with Linkedin. If you compose a message on your profile, the transfer speed would be the speed at which the data expected to show your message to the entirety of your contacts heads out from your PC to the Linkedin worker.

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