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Why Book Covers Are So Important

They say never judge a book by it’s cover. But how else are we supposed to judge it on the first glance?

It is in human nature to judge. We judge, we assess its meaning, we analyze the importance and the significance. We are judgemental and that’s a fact. 

The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover” holds great value and truth. But in most cases, people don’t really follow the saying. One of the biggest factors in the sale of a book is dependent on the looks, the outside looks. Much like the way we would buy a house based on the work of a metal roof contractor and the designer. When the book cover is half baked or half did, or incomplete you are going to lose fans and potential readers of the books. The appeal of the book does indeed lie in the cover of the book. 

The book cover is also more than just the outer design. Or a beautiful drawing. It is a representation of what is inside the book. A good book cover can entice you towards the plot of the book and keep you engaged until you seek it out. A good book cover can also make your reader feel better about their purchase. 

So what are some of the reasons why book covers are so crucial and play a significant role in the journey of books. 

Your Book Cover Attracts Your Tribe 

Your tribe compasses the people who want to read your book. Is the book cover showing a sci-fi scene or a romantic scene? Depending on the theme and the type of genre the book cover is representing, it brings the people who are interested towards the book. It grabs the attention of the individual looking for a very specific niche of a book. The book cover is again more than just a beautiful cover. It is a representation of the reader and his or her interests as well. It is a representation of the genre of the book. 

Book Covers Help The Decision Making Process

The psyche of the individual human being is designed to make the laziest choices. Meaning that we are always finding ways to provide shortcuts to the end goal. If our end goal is to end up being moved and inspired by a book, then we look for the cover that also inspires and moves us. Does the image of the book fit the mood that we are in? Does it set the vibe? Does it look like it can solve our problems? Does it also look like we can meet your end goal with the book? Our lazy brain makes the decision of buying the book using the image and the meaning it represents. How relevant the image is to our situation, the more we are likely to buy it. 

Good Covers Are A Reflection Of Good Quality 

When we see a beautiful bag with all of its glory and sleekness, we are attracted to the bag. When we see a house with bright beautiful colors, a huge backyard, and a terrace attached, we will definitely be mesmerized. All of these beautiful things that look beautiful make us also believe that they are worth the buy. Because they are good quality. There is a common perception that if it looks good, it is of good quality. Many of us are addicted to buying books with exceptionally beautiful covers, only to realize the book is bad. Nevertheless, this does not stop people from buying based on the cover. 

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